Chubo-Kirr Kebele (ቺቦ ኪር ቀበሌ) (Donyingree)

Chubo-Kirr Kebele (ቺቦ ኪር ቀበሌ) is one of the kebeles in Abobo woreda in Gambella Region of Ethiopia, part of Anywaa Zone.

Quick Facts:

Chubo-Kirr Kebele (Donyingree) is the home of great ruler king Ojulu Odiel, (Ojulu Wara-Guro) and late king Abulla Oiulu Odiel (Abulla Wara-Awaitty).


The economy of Chubo-Kirr Kebele predominantly depends on agriculture and local resources like fishing and hunting and grow their crops on the riverbanks of Chiru River which in turn provides them a stable and efficient supply of food. When the dry season occurs, they hunt the animals that are in search of the waterways.


This kebele has a total population of 10,000 plus of whom 4,600 are men and 5,400 women; with an area of 1,100.00 square kilometers, the majority of the inhabitant’s 100 percent are Anywaa ethnic, speak Dha-Anywaa language and follow Christianity.