Abobo's Alwero Dam

Ethiopia, Gambela, Abobo, Alwero dam and reservoir, was built with Soviet Union aid, #AlweroDam One of the most successful and accomplished projects in Gambella during Derg regime by Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam (Wara-Ariet). 

It is located at the longitude of 34.4824508 and latitude of 7.8476356 with a Coordination of 7.861834,34.496799 on Alwero’s river, Abobo, Gambella region. The purpose is for irrigation with water capacity 74.6 million m3, Dam height 22(M). This offers a conducive environment for water resources development for the population settled in the lowlands area to irrigate the farm in the local region. Frist used Irrigation Commissioned since 1995. Its drainage to the Nile River Basin.

Today the Saudi Star Agricultural Development PLC builds a new canal to irrigate the rice farm of about 10.000 hectares, Saudi Star is owned by Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Sheikh Mohamed al-Amoudi.