Gambella Regional Government fires 9 officials holding forged education certificate

Gambella, February 12, 2017 (GCDC) - Gambella Region’s Government Communication Office Head announced that it has fired officials it found holding fake education certificates.

Office Head Okello Oman told Walta Information Center that in deep reform the Gambella Peoples Unity and Democratic Movement (GPUDM) carried out beginning mid-January, it found nine officials holding fake education certificate in an investigation involving 201 higher officials.

According to him, Tut Jok, the former mayor of Gambella town who currently runs education bureau, Gatwech War of construction Bureau head and Pal Jok of media and press agency director are among fired officials.

He also said that deputy of the region’s general auditor, advisor of council for infrastructure and council administrator and social affairs, Nyimulu Ogoni, Chol Kor and Simon Gatluak, respectively are also fired as they found with fake certificates.

In addition, he said Mary Nyanuer Dok coordinator for health and related agency, Nyawech Gachlul, head of the Gambella City Administration office and Nyanayer Luldeng, transport and road bureau’s road unit coordinator also fired.

According to him, the measure was taken after the regions’ Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission collaborated with Ministry of Education in investigating into these officials.

He said that these officials were serving the region at different higher positions with fake degree and MA credentials, with some of them even did not complete grade 12.

These officials have not equipped with the required capacity to posts and resulted in lack of good governance and public grievances, he said adding the region will take case to court.

According him, region will further stepping up the investigation with currently 328 leaders and experts being investigated. He called up on the people to involve in fight against rent-seeking and corruption. (WIC)