Editor’s note: Why can't we all just get along as a society?

October 27, 2016 (GMN) - I think deep down on both sides of the 'Political debate' most people just want to live in peace. Unfortunately that is superseded by our strong feelings and opinions about the other side. Most of the time we do get along.

It's only when we wear our opinions on our sleeves that we are reminded of our dislike and distrust of those who we disagree with.


For thousands years we have continued to build various systems of connection between us that are supposed to let us survive without killing each other and bring us to compromise: I give to you, you give to me, this is mine, and this is yours. This is how we try to help each other.

According to various forms of connection and detachment among us, we consider some nations and civilizations to be closer or farther from each other. There are numerous conditions that either connect us or keep us isolated. This is how the force of shattering divided us. It worked like a centrifuge that separated and kicked us far away from one another.

But it is written: “Go and earn from each other.” So, we feel that we will gain more if we unite. We gather in cities and build various systems in order to provide everybody with water, electricity, and to create a suitable infrastructure; we also built factories and industries. All of this is for our common benefit.

The evil egoistic force that prevails among us does more than just separate us from one another; it works cunningly and pretends to be beneficial and useful.

We continued developing in this mode until eventually we reached a point at which we have to come to a decision to not use this power any longer for the sake of our fulfillment since it inevitably lead us to collapse and will trigger crisis in all spheres of our existence: education, family, finances, etc.

The question is: How can we correct the evil power that emerged from within us when we were still connected as one soul and that shattered our connection? How can I fix it?

We cannot conquer this force directly by grabbing the serpent’s tail. It crawled between us and spread its poison within our united soul and penetrated into our desires in every possible way. There is not even the tiniest desire or a set of desires within our egoistic entity that were not poisoned by the evil.

Snake venom has penetrated everything and keeps acting in a variety of forms. Any desire is always harmful. It is as if there was a bucket with white milk and all of a sudden somebody splashed black paint into it and it dyed everything black.

Is it possible to pull out black paint and whiten the milk again?

Psychologically speaking, it is possible. The same force that sent a serpent to us can drag it out. Even though it has penetrated everywhere and metastasized throughout the whole organism, it is still possible to get rid of it!

All we have to do is to investigate what exactly the serpent did to us and whether we can continue living with it further or not. If you decide to rid yourself of it because you value the power of whiteness (bestowal), you can demand that it disappears! In this case, you’ll address the source that sent you the serpent and you’ll know that the source wishes you good and that by so acting it helped you to get to know the source and discover its nature. You’ll attain understanding and knowledge of the essence of the creation and find out its roots, rather than just continuing to play inside the structure that is called “the first man” as a small child. You will rise to the Creator’s level: the level of the Master of the serpent.

Correction happens when you become grateful. It signifies that the person attained the level of the Master of the serpent.

We need the Light, the light of intellect and clarity, in order to bring closer knowledge, sensations and understanding that we have to become human. At this time, we are lacking all of the above.

To provide an alternative connection with the Master of the serpent, there were several people throughout the history of mankind who were granted this union from above and they give us the opportunity to engage in it too, as if for protection.

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