Made In Gambella: Lechwe Flour Factory Goes Operational

Gambella, December 05, 2017 (GCDC) - A First and one of kind Lechwe flour factory constructed by a private investor in Gambella State at a cost of over 20 million Birr has gone operational.

Factory director told news media that the factory has a capacity of producing over 500 quintals of flour per day and 15000 quintals per month.

According to General Manager, Addis Getenet, the A factory will create job opportunities for 150 to 200 full and part-time and it is estimated this number might rise to 400 after it goes operational on full capacity.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gov. Tut thanks the private investors and added, rural community development is a process conducted by community members.  It is a process where local people can not only create more jobs; income and infrastructure, but also help their community become fundamentally better able to manage change.


The “concrete” benefits of community development, such as employment for youth and infrastructure, come through local people changing attitudes, mobilizing existing skills, improving networks, thinking differently about problems, and using community assets in new ways to fight poverty.  Community development improves the situation of a community, not just economically, but also as a strong functioning community in itself, social and political. Source: (Gambella Media Network)