Itang, Feburary 02, 2017 (GCDC) - The Gambella Regional Sate Police Commission has announced that it has detained 20 suspects in relation to an attack staged against civilians.

Commissioner Paul Tut told Walta Information Center that the detainees were detained after police has proved that the suspects armed themselves illegally after acquiring training in Eritrea.  

According to the commissioner, the illegal militia has ambushed a public transport bus carrying over 40 civilians last month, killing and injuring 14 of them. The bad incident happened in Itang Woreda of the regional state, he said. 

The commissioner said that the illegal act of the anti-peace element in the region has been tipped to police by the public. Being cognizant of the tip, police has taken action against the illegal operatives in order to put them behind bars following the due process of the court of law while at same time few other surrender to the government.   

The commissioner noted that the regional police force and the Ethiopian Federal Police have teamed up to screen the suspects that have participated in the brutal act of killing and injuring civilians. So far, nine out of the twenty arrested suspects have confessed that they have been part of the attack committed against innocent civilians.

According to the commissioner, intensive investigation has been going on against the remaining 11 suspects.   

The commissioner also noted that the instability that has surfaced in Itang Woreda and Nuer Zones of the regional state has been calming again following the discussion the government hold with the public at large.    

The Gambella attack was staged last December against a public transport bus that has been carrying over 40 civilians on it was from the regional capital, Gambella, to Metar town. The incident calmed the life of five innocent civilians while injuring nine more. (WIC)